One woman's desire to live more naturally.

A personal mission

RainDance Soaps is a woman-owned cottage business that was born from a love of earth's bounty and a desire to create soaps and lotions with natural ingredients. In an age of instant gratification and disposable everything, Carrie believes deeply in the importance of creating something with one's own hands, not only for the sense of accomplishment but also for the complete control of the ingredients and processes used. Generally unimpressed with the mass-produced 'beauty products' on the market, Carrie chooses ingredients for their individual properties, and makes every item by hand in Seatac, Washington. Everything is tested on human volunteers (aka friends and family), and her selection of artisan soaps evolves with the seasons.

Tread softly

Whenever possible, Carrie utilizes organic, free-range, and local ingredients from the greater Seattle / Puget Sound region of Washington state (a few of the herbs and botanicals are grown organically on-site). Those that are not available locally are sourced from companies with similar ethical business practices - such as no animal testing and environmentally-responsible partnerships with suppliers and growers. 

Experience pays off

Like many cottage businesses, RainDance Soaps began because a person loved something and wanted to offer it up to others. Carrie has been making soap since the late 90s, and began her business in 2001. She thoroughly enjoys the creative process and has a healthy respect for the chemistry behind soap, and she hopes you enjoy her soaps as much as she does - because she can and does use every single soap she creates, without any allergic reactions or eczema flare-ups.