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handmade, artisan soaps - made from scratch in Seattle since 2001

Handmade soap


Luxurious bars of artisan soap, handmade in small batches; no mass production here! We begin with filtered rain, carefully chosen oils, and a wide selection of herbs and botanicals - keeping things local and organic as much as possible. From there, we blend in pure essential oils or top-grade fragrances, clays, exfoliants, and delectable goodies like honey or aloe to create a blissful bathing experience that satisfies the soul. Many of the herbs we grow organically on our property; others are sourced from companies and farms with similar ethics.

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Live naturally

RainDance Soaps is a woman-owned cottage business that was born from a love of earth's bounty and a desire to create soaps and lotions with natural ingredients. In an age of instant gratification and disposable everything, we believe deeply in the importance of creating something with one's own hands, not only for the sense of accomplishment but also for the complete control of the ingredients and processes used. We choose ingredients for their individual properties, and make every item by hand in Seatac, Washington. Everything is tested on human volunteers (aka friends and family), and our selection of artisan soaps evolves with the seasons. We constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact, limiting the use of plastic and supporting other local businesses for our ingredients.

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Find us around Seattle in 2019

June 22-23: Fremont Solstice Fair, Seattle, WA

July 12-14: West Seattle Summer Fest, Seattle, WA

August 3: Lake City Summer Fest, Seattle, WA

September 27-29: Bite of Broadview, North Seattle, WA

November 7-9, 2019: Pickering Barn Christmas Show, Issaquah, WA

November 21-23: Chick'n Coop Crafts Bazaar, Bothell, WA

December 7: Tyee High School Holiday Bazaar, Seatac, WA